Why We Stand Out

We are a one-stop shop that provides broad and systematic support, from privacy to practice, on every project.

We are a trusted partner able to bring government, private, non-profit and academic organizations together to tackle complex system problems.

We have a proven track record of getting the job done, in the most challenging circumstances, without getting bogged down in the people, policy, process and procurement issues common to information projects.

We eliminate the cost and complexity of engaging a multitude of professional and technical staff, and of acquiring and maintaining expensive IT infrastructure.

The OKAKI team has consistently provided excellent solutions for the College in the areas of data mining, information infrastructure and information analysis. They are conscientious, creative and innovative in their approach to business and they listen intently to our needs while remaining agile as project requirements change and evolve over time.

Ed Jess, Director, Prescribing and Analytics, Continuing Competence

College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta

Enthusiastic, results-oriented professionals, caring and empathetic. A breath of fresh air.

Elis Quarshie, PhD

CEO, Stoney Health Services

I have worked with the OKAKI team on numerous research projects. They truly understand both the needs of academics as well as their community partners. This expertise has enhanced the research we have been able to complete on numerous levels. Moreover, their support has allowed us to secure funding for research projects which would otherwise be unattainable.

Dean Eurich, BSP, PhD, Canada Research Chair & AHFMR Population Health Investigator

Program Lead, Clinical Epidemiology, University of Alberta School of Public Health

OKAKI is highly recommended for their inter-professional approach to solving health care related problems, and their extensive understanding of a global approach to addressing such problems.

Dr. Laetitia King, Former Dean of Nursing

Aga Khan University East Africa

I have worked with Dr. Samanani and the OKAKI team on various projects for over eight years. They bring not only a wealth of expertise in health informatics, but also a proven track record of delivery and passion for public health that are unparalleled by any organization that I have ever encountered. They have revolutionized public health informatics in Alberta.

Simon Sihota, Regional Manager, Environmental Public Health Services

Health Canada, Alberta Region

OKAKI brings rigor, passion, dedication, and intelligence to every project. They achieve brilliant results for their clients in far less time, with far greater quality, and far more cost-effectively than large public sector teams could hope to. OKAKI also demonstrates a type of long-term commitment to client objectives that I have never seen before.

Dr. Hakique Virani, Public Health & Preventive Medicine, Addiction Medicine Specialist

Medical Director, Metro City Medical Clinic

The OKAKI team developed and successfully launched a service based data system for our Case Management Program. OKAKI is responsive to our technical needs and they value our input as we continue to add new features to the system. Ke Ola Mamo appreciates OKAKI’s effort, talent, and support.

Donna-Marie Palakiko, MS, RN, APRN

Programs Manager, Ke Ola Mamo

The Blackfoot term "Okaki" means intelligence of the mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Samanani and the OKAKI team continue to deliver innovation, best practices, and world-class technology. Working with them has resulted in positive, progressive, and meaningful change at the community level. They are a game-changer.

Tyler White

CEO, Siksika Health Services

OKAKI truly understands the challenges, needs and visions of Indigenous organizations. They understand budget limitations and political hurdles faced by our communities and they work with us to advocate for our people at the highest level. They are brilliant, flexible, supportive and honor the right of Indigenous Peoples to manage and control access to their own data.

Maile Taualii, PhD, MPH

Assistant Professor, Head, Native Hawaiian & Indigenous Health Office of Public Health Studies, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc. has been working with OKAKI since 2008. We have found them to be very helpful with the development and implementation of numerous initiatives that the tribal council has undertaken on behalf of its member First Nations. They listen to our needs and develop these programs with each member First Nation’s needs in mind.

Dave Scott

CEO, Tribal Chiefs Ventures Inc.

OKAKI’s software helped us spend more time focusing on patients, instead of shuffling paper. It simplified our record keeping and reporting and, more importantly, our patients appreciated the improved efficiency and use of leading-edge technology.

Adrian Azim, B.Sc. Pharm, Pharmacist / Owner

Shoppers Drug Mart Professional Practice Committee Chair, Alberta

FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, Afghanistan completed disaster risk assessments in several hundred remote mountain villages in northern Afghanistan, an area highly prone to avalanches, land slides and floods. The OKAKI team helped us with cleaning and standardizing the information so that it could be analyzed and presented to key stakeholders. They iteratively worked with our staff, in a patient, committed, and focused manner, despite an 11.5 hour time difference. They produced a summary of critical infrastructure and vulnerabilities for Wakhan, one of the poorest and most isolated regions of the world. The atlas they created was instrumental in showcasing our work to funders and in planning for the response to natural disasters.

Maiwand Rahyab

Chairman, Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Afghanistan

The Public Health Information Exchange (PHIX) was piloted in fall 2014 and we were extremely pleased with the system’s performance. As our selected vendor, OKAKI provided a development experience that seamlessly integrated with our clinical practices and accounted for our unique technical needs. The OKAKI team impressed us with their focus on the patient experience and their dedication to delivering a software product that exceeded our expectations. PHIX allows our staff to upload reportable immunization data to the provincial immunization database in real-time and flawlessly pull data with which to ensure the best possible health outcomes for our patients. We have been enormously pleased with OKAKI’s commitment to professionalism and their capacity to deliver on project objectives on time and under budget.

Kevin Friese, Executive Director

University Wellness Services, University of Alberta

Having data means nothing unless you can use it! Thanks to OKAKI’s products and assistance our staff can improve care plans and outcomes for our clients. Improvements in their wellness indicators is the result we all strive for and OKAKI products and services make this possible.

G. Barry Phillips

CEO, Bigstone Health Commission

Ultimately, we want to connect pharmacies to public health and public health to pharmacies, so patients have up-to-date records anywhere they go, and we can all work together to maximize opportunities to immunize Albertans. We are working with OKAKI to establish an innovative model of health records management that will support improved patient care and continuity.

Stacy Johnson, B.Sc. Pharm.

Director of Program Design, National Pharmacy Group Sobeys | Lawtons Drugs | Safeway

Our pharmacy has been working with Okaki and PIP for about 3 years. During this time, we have worked closely with Okaki to ensure that PIP could fit in seamlessly with our workflow. PIP has allowed us to efficiently document immunizations, provide immunization records, document clinical services and bill for all of these services. PIP integrates well with our dispensing software (Kroll) which makes working with 2 separate platforms very manageable. Leveraging PIP has definitely allowed us to improve our efficiency and we can provide way more clinical services and immunizations (with better documentation) than we could without it. And the Okaki team is very easy to deal with and very helpful as well.

Aron Walker

University Health Centre Pharmacy Edmonton, Alberta